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More Pets Who Need Homes     Last updated  2024-07-10

Joshua- Shepherd mix
3 years old   Male-neutered

Joshua came to our shelter very scared and leery of people, but now he is so happy and so sweet, he loves going on walks and spending time with the volunteers. He is only dog friendly with female dogs.
70lbs, has all vaccines

Bruce- hound mix
7 Years old   Male- neutered

Good old Bruce came into the shelter as a stray. He enjoys and long walks and being around the volunteers. He does fine with other dogs and is a complete delight to have. 55lbs, and has all vaccines

Rocky- Lab/terrier mix
2 years old   Male, neutered

Rocky is such a big lover, he is very playful and sweet. Rocky is a big meat bone, but also loves snuggle time. He is dog friendly.
75lbs, has all vaccines

Ginger- Boxer mix
2 years old   Female- spayed

Ginger is a super sweet little girl, she is a little picky when it comes to her dog friends, but she is the sweetest. She loves going on walks and spending time with the volunteers.
45lbs, has all vaccines

Bolt- boxer/ hound
5 years old   Male, neutered

Bolt is an extremely sweet dog, he is also very smart. He had lived in a house with 3 other dogs, but the dog that was smaller than Bolt he picked on, so he may have a prey drive with smaller dogs. Other than that he is a great dog and very well behaved. 60lbs, has all shots

Loki- Australian Shepherd mix
2.5 years old   Male, Neutered

Loki is a herding breed and needs an owner that is going to get Loki a lot of exercise and wear him down. Loki absolutely loves people and especially kids. Loki is a very smart dog and is very trainable. He is not dog friendly

Rowan- Hound
8 years old   Male, neutered

Rowan is a great dog and loves people, he walks pretty good on a leash. As you can see from his pictures, he has a terrible skin rash around his neck from being tied up and abandon, the wounds are now healed and closed but he will forever have that scaring around his neck. He is such a sweet dog, he is not dog friendly
65lbs, has all vaccines

Nigel-Hound mix
6 years   Male, neutered

Nigel is a sweet boy with alot of energy and will need to be in a home with a large fence in yard otherwise he will require lots of long walks. Nigel prefers to be the only dog in the home and we do not recommend cats. He is very loyal and loving and will make someone a great companion.
65lbs, has all vaccines

Floura- Carolina dog mix
2 years old   Female- spayed

Floura is such a sweet girl, she came to the shelter very scared but has came out of her shell and is so loving. Floura is also dog friendly.
50 lbs, has all vaccines

Ammie- Lab mix
6 years old   Female- spayed

Ammie is one of the volunteer favorites, she has such a loving personality and is very affectionate. Ammie is a little picky with her dog friends so a meet and greet would be required.
Has all vaccines, 72lbs

Precious-Terrier/Boxer Mix
7 years old   female, spayed

Precious is great with kids and cats but is not fond of other dogs so will need to be the only dog in the home. She is as sweet as can be and enjoys being around people and taking long walks.
65lbs, has all vaccines

Sparky - Catahoula
3 years old   Male, neutered

Sparky was surrendered due to the owners living situation. They said he is dog friendly and kid friendly, and overall a wonderful dog. As he has been at the shelter we have noticed he is seeming to be irritated with the dogs, example, at adoption events he is growling at dogs when they get in his face which he didn't do that before, so it is definitely something that is workable, I think the shelter environment is just too stressful for him.
30lbs, has all vaccines

Sammy- beagle
7 years old   Male- neutered

Sammy is such a cutie, he loves to go on walks and sniff everything that he comes across. He is such a joy and is good with other dogs.
30lbs, has all vaccines

Jack- lab mix
2 years old   Male- neutered

Jack is a happy happy boy, he’s got some puppy energy still but he just needs a playmate. Jack is very loving and dog friendly
75lbs, has all vaccines

Maze- red heeler/terrier mix
3 years old   Male- neutered

Maze is such a sweet and VERY smart boy. Maze was surrendered to us due to his previous owners not understanding the breed. Maze is a herding dog, and has herding qualities, this is NOT aggressive. Maze would chase after the kids in the house when they would run and nip at their ankles, never broke skin. He’s just doing what he knows since that is his breed. He is extremely smart and loves everyone he meets. He is dog friendly and cat friendly.
40lbs, has all vaccines

Winnie- hound mix
3 years old   Female-spayed

Winnie is such a sweet girl, she loves going on walks and sniffing everything which brings her the most joy, she is also very dog friendly, 45lbs, has all vaccines

Dora- Shepherd mix
6-8months old   Female- spayed

Dora is a silly gal with a big personality. She is very sweet and loves to play, she is dog friendly
34lbs, has all vaccines

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