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Phone PO Box 711
Location 1176 N. Gardner
Scottsburg, IN 47170
Hours Tuesday - Friday 4-6 pm
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Featured Pet Of The Week

Baby, the red heeler has been to the vet for her checkup and they declared her healthy! For a dog that has been on the run for 5+ years, she is heartworm negative and is quite fit for an older dog. The vet felt what they thought was a spay scar so we believe that she has been altered. Can't even begin to imagine this dog's history! She enjoys being in the house and has even started going into a crate of her own free will. She will play with the other dogs and shows no aggression whatsoever to anyone. She is still fearful if you approach her too quickly so it's wise to go slowly so she won't flinch or shy away from you. This dog's new home must have a secure fence since we are concerned if spooked, she would run and revert to the lifestyle she has had for the last 5-6 years. She will not come when called at this time. Who knows, down the road, that may change. Right now, we realize that Baby is still a work in progress although she has astounded us so far with things she must have learned at some point in her earlier life.

Here is a beautiful dilute tortie named Misty. Spayed female about a year old and she is ready to be adopted by you ! Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or
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More Pets Who Need Homes     Last updated  2022-01-26

"Rowdy" border collie mix
7-8 years   male

AT THE SCOTT COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER...turned in because too many dogs in household. This is a lovely, gentle boy!

"Brutus, beagle/cur mix
8-10 months   male

turned in with sister because family moving into new home and unable to take dogs with them. Both of them are sweeties!!! Contact

"Blu" retriever/lab
4 months   male

PENDING ADOPTION! This pup was turned in to the animal shelter saying he was just too much dog for the family. He does tend to jump a lot and probably needs some manners but look at that face! It will be worth the time to train him because he is a smart boy that will make a marvelous pet!

4 months   Male

Spencer is very happy to be around people and especially to be held. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

8 months   Male

1 year   Female

Precious is unusual as she is a female orange kitty. Most orange cats are males. She will be spayed soon and ready to be adopted. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

"Gunter" german shepherd
4-5 yrs   male

A little timid but seems to be a nice dog. Came in dragging a cord! Contact

8 months   Male

Kasey is a sweet little guy with loads of personality. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

"Regina" lab mix
1 yr   female

This gal loves to play and needs an active companion to play with. She has a skin issue on her eye that is being treated. She will be a great addition to any family...just needs a few manners. Contact

"Christy" basenjj mix
2-3 yrs   female

turned in by owner who lived in apartment and this dog was over the pound limit. Weighs 30#. Has a lot of energy but seems quite friendly. Loves to run like the wind when she goes outside so definitely needs a fenced in yard. Petite features. Probably would be a great agility competitor! Contact

"Dobbs" brittany spaniel mix
13 wks   male

Isn't he just the cutest ever!!! He is confident and cuddly at the same time. Contact

"Clover" lab/cur mix
8-10 months   spayed female

turned in with her brother, Brutus, because they are moving and aren't allowed to have larger dogs in their new home...they are cute pups and really need a great future! Contact

"Micki" german shepherd
2-3 yrs   spayed female

Micki is a very smart girl and wants a family who will be loyal to her. She needs a secure fenced environment because she will travel through the neighborhood if given too much freedom. Good with other dogs and good with children. Contact

"Baby" red heeler mix
7 yrs   Spayed Female

Baby has been on the run for several years going back and forth across highway 31. People have been feeding her for years and her coat is thick and pretty. Unfortunately, no one was able to touch her since she would stay just out of human reach. Finally, she was caught and brought to the shelter where she could get in out of the weather and away from fast moving vehicles. It will take awhile to gain her trust but we are looking for someone who would be willing to take her into their family. Fenced yard is a must.
Now in a foster home so we can learn more about her. She jumped into the vehicle like she had been in a car before and she walks just fine on a leash. Actually appears housebroken and loves being IN THE HOUSE!!! She is very laidback, sweet and well-mannered. She gets along well with all dogs and is even starting to play! Contact

"Daisy" pit mix
2-3 yrs   spayed female

looks like she has been a regular breeding machine but now, those times are over and she's ready to become a pampered pet! Please help!!!!! Happy girl! Has been a housedog but needs a nice fenced yard to run in so she can get rid of all her energy! Can go over a 4 ft fence by jumping over just like a deer so needs a high fence! Wants nothing more than someone to spend time with her. She absolutely loves to go for a ride in the car and is happy as a clam in the front seat looking outside. Daisy is a great girl and would like someone who is as active as she is and loves to walk, jog & run! She would also love to be able to go on a car ride with you every day! Give her a squeaky toy and she will be your friend forever!!! This one is easy to fall in love with so if you have the right requirements, give us a call.

"Laramie" pit mix
1-2 yrs   neutered male

FOSTER HOME SAYS THIS ONE IS ABSOLUTELY A WONDERFUL DOG AND WILL BE YOUR FRIEND FOREVER!!! Laramie, neutered male pit/heeler mix, was found as a stray and apparently no one is looking for him. He is a strong boy but quite friendly and seems fine with other dogs, although he might be best eating alone. Gets so lonely if he doesn't have a FRIEND TO PLAY WITH! Will even play with a cat! Walks pretty well on a leash and very lonely without people to call his own!! Needs a few manners to not jump up on people but he just wants the loving! Once you start rubbing his belly, he just melts! 57 pounds. Contact

Ginger Snap
4 months   Male

Ginger Snap is a sweet little guy and a little timid. He does well in the room with all the other cats. Contact Se at 812 820 1680

8 months   neutered Male

Kenny is a nice cat and gets along well with the other cats. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

Bat Cat
4 months   Male

Bat Cat is a gorgeous black tuxedo. Hes a great guy and does well with the other cats. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

4 months   spayed Female

Sadie is a very loving and gentle kitty. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

tv time!!!!

TV TIME ... It didn't take these guys long to get into the swing of their new surroundings. They love their new cattery but would love a new "home sweet home" even more! Come by and see the cats!

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If you have loved and lost a pet, you might want to write a memorial and send it to our local web site at along with a picture. What a great way to keep your pet's memory alive!


HUMANE SOCIETY OF SCOTT COUNTY, INDIANA is a non-profit organization, designed to aid the Scott County Animal Shelter, to have an aggressive adoption program in order to decrease the number of animals being euthanized, to release animals into the care of reputable rescue organizations, and to educate the community on the importance of spay/neuter and pet ownership responsibility.

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