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Phone PO Box 711
Location 1176 N. Gardner
Scottsburg, IN 47170
Hours Tuesday - Friday 4-6 pm
Sat 1-3 pm
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Bruno is a nice, medium sized dog who is friendly with people and other dogs. He will need some training but his fostermom is working on that. Please fill out our questionnaire at to see if Bruno would be a good fit for your household. 35-40 pounds! Contact

Miss Kitty is an owner surrender and she is doing well with multiple cats but she would rather get back into a home of her own. Beautiful light gray kitty. Her biggest dream is to have a home for Christmas! Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or
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More Pets Who Need Homes     Last updated  2022-12-08

"Nonny" mountain cur
4-5 yrs   female

AT THE SCOTT COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER..This dog spots a cat and it's all over. She is obsessed with them so must be in a household with no cats and probably no small furry critters due to her high prey drive. Pretty skinny so needs some good old fashioned vittles in her belly! Imagine she's been on the run a good while.

"Jack" aussie mix
4-4 1/2 months   male

Owner surrender. Daughter pregnant and could no longer care for the pup. What a sweet boy! Contact

"LeRoy" Collie Mix
2-3 yrs   male

AT THE SCOTT COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER...found near the bottoms with burs and mats. Other than that, he seems in good shape. Social. No tags and not microchipped but feel sure there is an owner out there.

"Winni" terrier/jack mix
4 months   female

Loves everyone and loves to play but not a crazy wild child! Pretty well housebroken and good in a crate! Will make a great companion for someone! Contact

"Bestie" staffordshire/lab mix
8 months   male

AT THE SCOTT COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER...He is just the "best" boy! Wife brought dog home to be part of the family but husband explained they already had 2 dogs and didn't need more! So, Bestie is at the shelter to find a new family!

"Zena" pit lab mix
1 yr   female

AT THE SCOTT COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER...surrendered. Owner can't afford so hoping the dog will get a chance for a better future.

Shed Fred
10 months   Male

Shed Fred joined us in our rescue so he is no longer a shed cat but has chosen to keep his name. Very nice cat. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

6 months   Female

Flora is as sweet as her name sounds. This little kitty just loves people and does very well in the room with the other cats. She is waiting on you to adopt her. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

"Diamond Girl" boston/jack russell mix
4-5 months   spayed female

Zoom! Zoom! That's what this little girl likes to do and she is good at it. Starting to be housebroken and doing pretty well in a crate. Great with other dogs and wants to do nothing more than play all the time! If you have an energetic dog that needs a friend, this is the pup for you! Fenced in yard is required. Contact

2 years   Neutered Male

Roosevelt is rockin a new haircut. He is a long hair . He is neutered, rabies, wormed, flea treated, vaccinations and is negative for feline aids and feline leukemia. Roosevelt would do better as an only child. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

10 months   Male

Zack and his twin Ziggy are the go to boys. Something going on ? Check out the twins and at least one will be in the middle of it. Fun cats. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

"Loki" European German Shepherd
5 yrs   male

Turned in by owner when there were some "chicken" issues. For the safety of the dog, he was turned in to the shelter to be safe from unhappy neighbors. He is a big boy but walks relatively good on a leash and is supposed to be housebroken although we aren't seeing that! Loves people!!! HEARTWORM POSITIVE. Contact

6 months   Male

Bellamy is a sweet little guy who is just even tempered all the time. He will make a great pet for your family. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

6 months   Female

Aggie is a Bombay MIX and is a real sweetheart. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

6 months   Male

Ziggy has a twin brother named Zack and what one doesn't get into the other one will. They feel they run the room and that is pretty much true. Two boy kitties that are lots of fun. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

"Lilgirl" Labrador
1-2 yrs   female

turned in by owner and this poor girl is totally shut down! Working with her to give her TLC so she can realize it's going to be ok. Seems in excellent physical shape. Appears housebroken. Contact

"Oliver" beagle
5-6 yrs   neutered male

One of those fat, friendly, rolypoly beagles that just wiggle all over. This boy deserved more than a life on a tangled up short chain! Very quiet and very seldom barks! He is being treated for heartworm today thanks to those of you who helped financially for the treatment! Once the treatment is completed, he will have a few weeks of rest and recouperation and then ready to go to a new home! Contact

"Diamond" beagle/terrier mix
3-4 yrs   neutered male

Diamond is turning out to be a very nice young man!! He hasn't had a lot of positive reinforcement in his life so far. Pretty obvious that his owner really didn't care much about him so he spent a lot of time outside with whateever affection came his way. He was adopted out but we have now learned that he can climb over a chain link fence so will need a tall fence or underground fence. He just wants someone to care about him and he adores anyone who pays attention. Great size only about 35#. Contact

7 months   Female

Blair is our little Russian Blue mix. She was just recently spayed and is ready to be adopted by you. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

6 months   Female

Rosie is a dark tabby and will make a great pet for you. She is playful and loving. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

"Spooky" border collie mix
10-12 months   neutered male

Spooky has accomplished so much in the last 5 months since he has been in our foster program. He was timid and shy but now trusts people and will come to be petted. He is still somewhat unsure and he will probably always have some hesitancy but he has absolutely blossomed more than we had ever hoped. Spooky is ready for a home of his own with a gentle loving family. He would be best with another dog friend that he can gain more confidence from. We are so proud of Spooky and encourage you to really consider making him part of your family! Contact

"Jubilee" pit bull
4-5 yrs   spayed female

JUBILEE IS IN OBEDIENCE TRAINING AND DOING WONDERFUL!!!!!JUBILEE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR HER FOREVER HOME FOR 8 MONTHS....242 DAYS AS OF OCTOBER 1! That's a long time to be homeless. Foster home gives her love but it's not the same as a real home that is hers everyday forever. Jubilee adores people and does the wiggle butt thing whenever she gets excited and she gets excited whenever a human shows her attention. After she gets that out of her system, she is a couch potato who is just happy to be by your side. Jubilee is perfectly housebroken and crate trained and quiet all night long. She loves to take long walks and is great on a leash. She is a stout 55 pounds or so but even so, she can climb a chain link fence with the greatest of ease if she sees a person walking down the road and wants to say "hello". With that being said, it would be well for her to have a taller fence or she would do well as an apartment or condo dog as long as the new family is aware of her energy and willing to go for those necessary walks a couple times a day. Jubilee seems friendly with most dogs but every now and then, a dog will rub her the wrong way and she just doesn't care for them! You would need to do a preliminary meet/greet if you have other fur buddies in your house. Cats are probably a no-no too. It doesn't seem fair that a nice dog like this is having such a hard time finding a home! Please Help Jubilee! Contact

"Dex" lab pointer mix
1 yr   neutered male

PENDING ADOPTION! Dex is a good sized boy, about 60 pounds, but sure is a sweet one! Good with people and seems great with dogs as well. A little strong on a leash but doesn't jump up on you real bad! A good all around dog!!! Contact

""Venus" husky mix
1 yr   spayed female

Venus, a one yr old spayed husky mix, has those gorgeous blue eyes that are always associated with the husky breed. She is strong and active but and is learning about a leash. Foster home thinks she would make a good housedog if she had plenty of chance to get her energy out! Loves her people!!! Crates well. Will go over fences. Contact

10 months   spayed Female

Serina is a cat that is pretty much all over the place. She does well with other cats and loves to have people attention. Not a dog fan!

1 year   neutered male

Colin is an active guy who does well with the other cats in his room. Very unique coloration! 1 year old and fully vetted! Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

4 months   Neutered Male

Zorro is a great little guy. Very playful and also very loving. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

11 months   spayed Female

Posey is a great little kitty. She is in a free roaming room with several cats. She is also very friendly with people and seems to really like the dogs too!!! 11 months and fully vetted! Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

1 year   spayed Female

Butkins is a Manx kitty. She loves people and cannot get enough attention. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

8 months   spayed Female

Val is a sweetie of a cat and does well with the other cats. She has a pretty gray swirl pattern coat. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

5 months   neutered Male

Simba is a great little guy and does well with the other cats. He is both playful and loving. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

tv time!!!!

TV TIME ... It didn't take these guys long to get into the swing of their new surroundings. They love their new cattery but would love a new "home sweet home" even more! Come by and see the cats!

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If you have loved and lost a pet, you might want to write a memorial and send it to our local web site at along with a picture. What a great way to keep your pet's memory alive!


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