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Phone PO Box 711
Location 1176 N. Gardner
Scottsburg, IN 47170
Hours Tuesday - Friday 5-7
Sat 1-3 pm
Closed Sunday & Monday
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Cheeto is a great guy. He has it all , friendly and loving. He loves to play and is so fascinated with all the toys. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or
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More Pets Who Need Homes     Last updated  2024-05-28

Pit Bull
Adult   male

At the Scott County animal shelter. Anyone know who owns this dog?

Toby - Chihuahua/Beagle mix
1 year   Male

Toby is a really nice little boy. He is well-behaved and gentle. He gets along well with other dogs, cats and children. He walks well on a leash and seems to be housebroken. We think he is around a year old and he weighs about 15 pounds.
If you are interested in adopting Toby, please fill out our adoption application at If we feel he has a good match for your household, we will be in touch to set up a meet and greet. His adoption fee is $95

Peanut - Chihuahua/Min Pin mix
8-10 months   Male

This little boy is so sweet. His Fostermom loves him and says he is so good in the house. He is good with other dogs, cats and kids. He loves to go for car rides and is very social. If you would like to be considered for adopting peanut, please complete our adoption questionnaire at If we feel he is a good match for your household we will be in touch to set up a meet and greet. His adoption fee is $95.

"Farlow" aussie/husky mix
1 yr   male

Thin and a little skittish when he was first brought in but foster home is now showing him about walking on a leash and he enjoys the attention. He appears to know some commands so someone has worked with him at some point. Will be a stunning dog once he has put some weight on his bones! Contact

5 months   Female

Dovie is one of the beautiful gray and whites that were in this litter. Very nice kitten. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

5 months   Male

Spanky is the life of the party. This kitty knows no boundaries.
He will keep you entertained. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

Chick P
5 months   Female

Chick P is another great little kitten that does well with the other cats and loves people. Contact Sue at 812-820-1680 or

5 months   Female

Harli is that perfect kitty. She is very social and gets along well with the other cats. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

5 months   Female

Mira stands for Miracle. We thought we were going to lose her but she was a fighter and pulled through. She is ready for her forever home. Contact Sue at 812-820-1680 or

5 months   male

Elvis will win your heart. Another little sweetie that will make the perfect pet. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

Snow White & Belle
1 year   Female

Snow White and Belle came to us as two nursing moms taped into a box with 7 kittens. They are all alive and doing well. Snow White only bonds with Belle. I think they are are emotional support for each other. You can smile but I think its true. 812 820 1680

6 months   Male

Stewie is such a gorgeous little guy but he needs TLC to bring him out of his shell. Stewie is afraid and hides. When we take him out of his safe place we can hold him and he does relax some but it needs to be on a more consistant basis. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

6 months   Neutered Male

Sam was just neutered and ready for his new home. He is still a little reserved with the other cats and keeps his distance but is a people friendly and handsome little guy. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

1 yr   Neutered Male

Bellamy is a sweet little guy who is just even tempered all the time. He will make a great pet for your family. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

1 1/2 yrs   Spayed Female

Dot is a very gentle short hair spayed female. Look at that face with the perfect Dot on her chin. OUR LONGEST TERM RESIDENT! NEEDS A HOME! Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

6 months   Spayed Female

Felecia is a sweetie that is waiting for you to adopt her. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

10 months   spayed Female

Abby is a kitty that sits back and watches what's going on. She is a little reserved but very friendly when you have gained her trust. Abby would be a great addition for your family. She has been spayed and is about 10 months old now. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

"Amara" German Shepherd
1-2 yrs   spayed female

German shepherd surrendered due to death of owner. Appears to be spayed according to vet but no paperwork proof. Had been a housedog and walks well on a leash. It seems she has had someone work with her. Good with children. May do best with a submissive dog friend. Contact

"Moe" Catahoula/Aussie Mix
6 months   male

What a handsome boy! Acts like he has been in a car before and jumped right in when he came to his new foster home! Fine with other dogs too. Approximately 35-40 pounds. Contact

"Uno" heeler/aussie
4 months   Neutered male

PENDING ADOPTION... Approximately 4 months old and a gentle soul & spirit. Working on stay, sit and down. Love to play with foster buddies but clingy which is to be expected since adjusting to new environment. Very alert and will be a medium size. No aggression about anything and physically seems quite healthy. Contact

"Herb" border collie/lab/pit mix
1 yr   neutered male

Herb or "Herbie" is a young active dog. He would make an excellent exercise buddy for an avid runner, walker or hiker. He also loves to play with other dogs and will use them as a pillow when it's naptime but he would be fine as an only dog as well. He is crate trained and has done pretty well with potty training. Loves to play on agility equipment and catches on quickly! If interested in Herb, fill out an application on

"Harold" lab/beagle mix
2-3 yrs   neutered male

A nice guy! 35 to 40 pounds! A little shy at first but within a few minutes, he wants to be your best friend! May have been in a house in his previous life. Contact

"Mallery" beagle
1-2 yrs   spayed female

Chunky girl! Probably close to 40-=45 pounds. Turned in due to illness in the family. Probably a housedog. Can run like the wind so needs a fenced yard so she won't chase those rabbits or the kitties. Loves to be petted and will just melt into you if you start stroking her! walks ok on a leash and loves that attention too! Contact

"Spencer/Sprog" lab/pyranese mix
8 months    neuterd male

What a great young man! Everyone that meets him LOVES him. He is going to be a BIG boy! He is already over 80 pounds! He is currently learning house manners and sleeping in a crate but his temperament is already perfect! A little clumsy on a leash but that can be trained easily. Absolutely the softest fur and the softest eyes you'll ever see! Great with other dogs too. Just learned that he LOVES water! Contact

"Esa" - Husky
1 yr   Spayed female

Esa is a great looking young Husky. Petite boned and good on a leash. Like a typical husky, she will need a secure fenced environment! Very clean so someone had taken care of her at some point. Sits, rolls, paw shake! Does fine with other dogs but wouldn't recommend a cat environment! Fully vetted and ready to find her special place! Contact

"Dot" Walker Coonhound
3 yrs   spayed female

Dot, Tree Walker Hound, was turned in since owner could no longer care for her. She seems like a nice girl. Has a soft expression! Absolutely lovely personality and loves to have her ears rubbed! About 3 yrs old. 53 pounds. Must have a fenced in yard. Needs to be fed alone.

"Theo" cur mix
9 months   neutered male

Theo has come a long way but is still learning to trust new situations. He was the less confident of the 2 siblings but once he is in a steady situation, he seems quite at ease. You put him into a new environment and he is still fearful but it doesn't take long for him to loosen up! He gets along fine with the other dogs in his foster home so far. Watches the cats but loses interest after awhile. He seems fine in a crate and seems to think of it as his safehouses. Doing OK on his housebreaking. Theo seems to have an initial fear of men and steers clear of the man of the household. He will tolerate being petted by a man but clearly, he would prefer to spend his time with the foster mom. After several days, he is now starting to sit beside him and takes treats from him. Walks on a leash and does pretty well. 40 pounds. Contact

"Opie" terrier mix
1 yr   neutered male

Opie has come so far since he came to us about a year ago! He is healthy and alert and ready for action! He loves to play but can be a bit rough so best with bigger, playful dogs. He is ok on a leash and wants nothing more than to be a part of a permanent family! About 40-45 pounds. Loves people! Contact

tv time!!!!

TV TIME ... It didn't take these guys long to get into the swing of their new surroundings. They love their new cattery but would love a new "home sweet home" even more! Come by and see the cats!

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If you have loved and lost a pet, you might want to write a memorial and send it to our local web site at along with a picture. What a great way to keep your pet's memory alive!


HUMANE SOCIETY OF SCOTT COUNTY, INDIANA is a non-profit organization, designed to aid the Scott County Animal Shelter, to have an aggressive adoption program in order to decrease the number of animals being euthanized, to release animals into the care of reputable rescue organizations, and to educate the community on the importance of spay/neuter and pet ownership responsibility.

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