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Phone 812-689-3773
Location 1202 W. C.R. 150 N
Osgood, IN 47037
Hours Open Wed through Sun 11am - 4pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday

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More Pets Who Need Homes     Last updated  2017-03-21

Sweet Pea---Cairn Terrier
1 Year old   Female

Hi my name is Sweet Pea !!!! I am a stray that showed up at someone's door and they brought me here, which is a pretty good place. I am a Cairn Terrier and I am about 1 years old. I am a very sweet girl that just wants to be loved. I do well with dogs, cats, kids. I am just looking for a home that will love me. Please come in and see me and the other animals that are here, I am sure you will fall in love with someone.

Jave---Fox Terrier
7 Yr   Male

Hello my name is Java !!! I am a Fox Terrier\Jack Russell mix that is look for a wonderful family to call my own. I am 7 years old which I know is not young but I don't even act my age. I even do well with kids. If you would like more info on me just come up and ask if you can spend a little time to see if I would work with you and your family.

3 Yr   Female

Hello, My name is Cindy and I am a Chihuahua. I am about 3 years old. I am not very trusting when it comes to people. I would say some where some time some people were not very nice to me. It takes a little time for me to come around, but when I do I love to play and jump and be so silly. Please come in and see me and all the animal's that are here.

1.5 Years   Female

Hello my name is Gypsy. I am a Boxer\Mix. I am about 1.5 years old. I am a very good girl. I was brought in because my owners landlord said that I could not stay there. I am house broke and love to be loved on. I also love to play with a Frisbee. So if you think you may want me in your family then come down to the Ripley County Humane.

Please help us. We are in need of dog toys or stuffed animals and blankets !!!!!
I know they would love them !! Thank you.   

2 year old   Female

I am a Beagle that is 2 years old. Oh my goodness where are my manners. Hello my name is May sorry about that. Me and my daughter (April) was brought in here because someone drop us off and just left us. I am very sweet and would make a wonderful pet for any family. I am around 14.5 so I am not very big at all and I shouldn't get any bigger. Stop in and see me !!!

7 Yr   Female

Do you know what it is like to be old and no one wants you. Hello my name is Summer and I am a Rottweiler\Mix. I love to take walks, and I would also be good at watching your house and your family. I am about 7 years old. If you think I would work in your life then please give the RCHS a call 812-689-3773.

1 Year old   Female

Hello my name is April. I am a Beagle and I weigh about 16.0 so I'm not a big girl and I should stay this small. I am looking for a family that would love as there own. I am a very sweet girl that would work with any family. Me and my mom (May) were just dumped out like yesterdays trash and I just don't understand. It would be great to go together but its not necessary. So stop in or call the Ripley County Humane at 812-689-3773.

Sam---DSH -- adoption pending
2 year old   Male

Hello my name is Sam, I was brought in here because my owners were moving and cats were not allowed. I cant believe that cats were not allowed that is just terrible. I am a very sweet cat and yes as you notice my right eye is not quite right, well that's because they think that i got a scratch and then it when it got better that is how it is. But i am still a wonderful cat. I am about 2 year old. Come in and see me.

2 year old   Female

Hello my name is Flower, I am a 2 years old very beautiful and lovable kitten that is a DSH. I was dropped off here because no one wanted to love me. I just need a forever home just like everyone else does. Please come in and see me.

Raven---Australian Shepherd\Siberian Husky
6 Months old   Male

Hi my name is Raven. I am an Australian Shepherd/ Siberian Husky. I also have a sister here to and her name is Buttons. I had another brother but he got adopted, lucky him !!!! So I am a little on the shy side but I warm up pretty quickly. I would be a great family pet if you could give me a chance. I am only 6 months old. So if you would like to see me or my sister just come up the hours are 11-4 everyday even the weekends then come on down.

2 year old   Male

Hello how are you? My name is Noah and I was dumped at the RCHS no one even took me to the door. I an hoping that I can find a loving family to take me home and love me I mean that is really all I want is for someone to love me. I am a Shepherd\Mix and I am also about 2 years old. So if you know someone that is in need of a good dog send them my way. Thank you

9 months   Male

Hello my name is Matt. I am a Hound\Mix. I am 9 months old. I am loveable and so nice to hold and I am more shy then the other ones. I was brought in with 4 brother and 1 sister so we all need homes that will love us. If you would like to see us, all you have to do is just come in. I hear that they are open from 11-4 everyday even the weekends.

We are having a Christmas Special !!!!! Cody, Daisy Mae and Ollie have been here awhile and love to find them homes. Ask about them today.

Max--Labrador Retriever\Mix
4 Yr   Male

Max is my name and I would like for someone to come in and adopt me. I am a Labrador Retriever\Mix. I am about 4 years old. I like playing and or walks with someone that loves me. I get along with most dogs. If you would like to see me or if you need more info on me just call 812-689-3773 or just come in, hours are 11-44 everyday even the weekends.

Roxie---Labrador Retriever\Mix

Hi my name is Roxie and I am looking for a great family to adopt me. I am a Labrador Retriever\Mix mix. I love to play and I love kids. I am about 1.0 years old. I have been here almost a year, so for the new year coming my wish would be that I get my new family. Stop inn and see me, you'll be glad you did.

Ripley County Humane Society Hours 11:00 TO 4:00 Everyday !!!Even weekends


8 Years old   Female

Hello !!! My name is Dottie and I am a short haired Chihuahua and I am black and white. I am about 8 years old. I am a very sweet and loving little girl. I really need a home that will love me and take care of me. I am potty trained and love to take walks. If you would love to meet me then just come in to the RCHS aand they will be more then happy to help you.

Daisy Mae---Doberman\Mix
1 Yr   Female

Well hello i am a Doberman\Mix my name is Daisy Mae and i am about 1 years old. Old enough to better and young enough that i can be taught some new tricks. I have a beautiful brindle coat that shows off my eyes. I am a very sweet girl and i know i would make a great dog for your family. Don't forget to stop in.

1 year old   Male

Hello my name is Ben and I am called a Domestic Short Haired kitten. I am only 1 year old. I was brought in with 2 other sisters. Its not easy being with 2 sisters. I am a sweet boy but I am on the shy side. You should stop in and see us at the Ripley County Humane.

6 Months   Female

Hello my name is Barbie. I am a Shepherd\Beagle. When I came in with my other brother's and sisters we all looked like Beagle but as we grew up the shepherd came out. I am a very sweet girl. I am about 6 months old. Like all puppy's we are very playful and love to be loved on. You really should come up and see me, my other siblings got adopted and I sit here waiting !!!!

9.5 Months   Female

Hello my name is Casey. I am a DSH kitten looking for a warm and loving home. I am about 5 months old. I was brought in just because no one wanted me. So I am hoping that some one that needs a little love will come in and want to take me home I know I need some love. I will keep my paws crossed.

4 Yr   Female

My name is Pumpkin and I am about a 4 years old DSH cat. I am a very loving cat that just wants to be loved. I would love it if a family would come in and take me home with them. Not that this place is bad but if I don't find a family before Christmas I wont get any Christmas presents to open up. Please come in and see me. I am waiting !!!!

4 Yr   Male

Hello. Not sure how this works but I am looking for my forever home, can you help me? My name is Brandon and I am a Chihuahua\Dachshund. I am about 4 years old. I weigh around 9.0. I am a sweet little man once you get to know me. I was brought in here because they couldn't take me with them. I have to be honest I don't understand. I'm not a bad dog. So if anyone thinks that I would be a good fit with your family then give a call 812-689-3773.

6 Yr   Male

Hello my name is Pippy and i am one big cat. I am a Domestic Shorthair\Mix. If you ever seen the show Garfield then you will see me only i am black and white. I weigh about 15 lb. I was brought in because i was a little to rough with a little chihuahua. I am a lovable cat but i guess i played to rough with the little guy. So if you want a big boy then please come in and you may just be bring me home.

If any one has yard sale items they would like to donate, you can bring them any time.
Our hours are 11-4 everyday even the weekends !!!!   

10 months   Male

Hi, my name is Joel and I am a Domestic Short haired kitten. I am about 6 months old. I and my sister we dropped off at some ones house that didn't want us so they brought us here. We are very sweet and would make the best kittens ever. Come in and see us. I here the shelter is open everyday even the weekends.

10 Years old   Male

Hello my name is Dexter and I am a Chihuahua. I was brought in with my sister that is from another mother. We both are 10 years old. We were dumped off at some ones house. We would love to go to the same house but will be fine if we don't. I know we both are very good and love to take walks. We are a little unsure about new people but warm up to you pretty quick. So please come and see us, we will let you take us for a walk !!!!

Ripley County Humane Society is in need of the following items: Bleach, Pine Sol,Clumpable Cat Litter,Washing Detergents,Canned Cat Food and other Cleaning Supplies. We appreciate any donations


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