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Phone 812-273-1788
Location 2727 Hannah Drive
Madison, IN
Hours Shelter is open by appointment only
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~Dry and canned kitten food
~Royal Canin Mommy & baby soft and dry kitten food
~Clay (non-clumping) cat litter
~Laundry detergent
-dry puppy food
-dry dog food
~Heavy duty leashes (non-retractable, please!)
~Canned cat food
~Dog and cat toys (made out of washable material)
~Aluminum cans or other metals to be recycled for money to go to our medical fund

Another great way to help out is through a π’Žπ’π’π’†π’•π’‚π’“π’š π’…π’π’π’‚π’•π’Šπ’π’! You can sponsor an animal, make a donation to our medical fund, or sponsor a spay/neuter! Please make any checks out to Jefferson County Animal Shelter or JCAS.

Cash - 90 lbs
2-3 Years   Male

Whats up, my name is Cash. I'm a big boy looking for a big farm to play on. I would be a great livestock protection dog, or even a good friend as I lived inside with 2 other dogs most of my life. You have to get to know me, but when you do I am the sweetest boy ever. I've been at the Jefferson shelter since 12/20/2021...

Donatello - terrier/pit mix - 35 lbs
1-3 years   Male

I was found with my friend Leonardo. We are both very calm, well behaved boys.

Leonardo - terrier mix - 25 lbs
1-3 years   Male

I was found with my friend Donatello. We are both friendly and calm guys. We do very well together and with other dogs.

Mouser - husky mix - 45 lbs
3-5 years   Male

I am a unique guy. I watch what goes on around me, but I tend to stay by myself. I'm not that interested in treats and often leave some of my food uneaten. I am named for the area in which I was found, not because I catch mice.

Spotty - Blue Tick/Hound Mix - 57 lbs
1 yr    Male

If you're looking for a big ball of energy, look no further! Your undivided attention is what I'm after. I have the ears of a hound, but my body is covered in black spots like a blue tick.

Ranger - Chow/Leonberger Mix - 44 lbs
1-3 yrs   Male

I have the most luscious, long coat. I'm also very soft like a cloud. My favorite thing is giving hugs and kisses. As of right now, I don't get along well with other dogs but I am working on that! I'm a medium size, and won't get any bigger.

Remi - American Pitbull Terrier Mix - 30 lbs.
1.5 yr    Female

I am a very outgoing and energetic gal. I'm fairly small for my age and probably won't get much bigger. Going for long walk, playtime, and treats are my favorite things about life.

Leo - Husky/Spaniel Mix - 64lbs
1-3 years   Male

Very vocal guy but will calm down in the right home. Does great on a leash. He's a ladies man so he's quite timid towards men at the moment. Very beautiful blue eyes with a red/white short coat of hair. Leo is all about the toys. He loves to play and will try to turn most anything into a toy.

Destiney - American Pitbull Terrier - 35 lbs.
1-3 yrs    Female

I am a high energy, loving girl. I do not enjoy being cooped up in a kennel, I prefer being free.

Baby - Shepherd Mix - 44 lbs
1 Year   Female

This sweet girl is super timid towards strangers at the moment. She enjoys belly rubs and snacking on french fries! Still very young and would be very trainable after she got to know you.

Tater Tot - American Pitbull Terrier Mix - 48 lbs
1-3 yrs   Male

I have a very playful temperament, but not so well around other male dogs. I have very short legs with a big ole head, beautiful tan coat with amber eyes. Come near me and I'll give ya all kinds of smooches, so I have some manners to work on.

Pugsley - pug mix - 45 lbs
1-3 years   Male

Adoption pending.
I am a sweet boy who is looking for a permanent home where my owners will be patient with me. I am doing well with my potty training and will need to keep working on this for a little while longer. I am neutered.

Dennis - Catahoula Mix - 65 lbs
1-3 yrs    Male

Despite my size, I'm still the size of a pup in my head. I enjoy cuddles and quality time with my people. I get along well with other dogs and am learning to walk well on a leash.

Ruby - Boxer Mix - 55 lbs.
1-3 yrs    Female

I’m a wiggly boxer mix who adores your affection! Kisses are my favorite thing to give. I don’t get along with other dogs too well right now, I like to be the center of attention. I walk pretty well on a leash. Come to the shelter and meet me today!

Spade - American Pitbull Terrier
6-9 months    Male

Sandy - Pug/Pit Mix - 24 lbs
1-3 yrs    Female

I am fully grown at 24 lbs, which makes for the perfect little companion! I am very affectionate, love to play with other dogs, and I walk well on a leash. I have a vivid brindle coat like a pit but a face/body similar to a pug!

Ace - Boston Terrier Mix
6-9 months    Male

Albert - Staffordshire Terrier Mix
7 yrs    Male

Alberts the name, but friends call me Alby. I have some health issues that I'm working on currently. I do well with other dogs, walk good on a leash, and eat treats like it's nobody's business. Pretty hefty guy right now but with constant exercise, I'll shed the pounds in no time. If you'd like to come check me out, visit the shelter today!

Molly - Leonberger Mix
1-3 yrs    Female

I'm a young, flat coated retriever mix. I'm sociable and friendly. Play well with other dogs and kids. I am kind of timid when you first meet me, but I come out of my shell quickly.

Deputy - Retriever Mix - 18 lbs
4-6months    Male

I'm just a timid little fellar right now but I will grow pretty big and hopefully come out of my scared personality. After I build up my trust with you, I enjoy being cuddled and rubbed on. I'm playful around cats and get along well with other dogs.

Rachel - Beagle Mix - 15 lbs
3-6 months    Female

Joey - Beagle Mix - 15 lbs
3-6 months    Male

I am a very social pup right now. I enjoy playing my siblings and just doing the typical pup stuff. I'm a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, and very gentle when you're playing with me.

Monica - Beagle Mix
8-16 weeks    Female

1 of 4 beagle mix puppies. I am just as playful and full of energy as can be! Playing around with my siblings outside is my favorite. Should only get around 35 pounds fully grown.

Ross - Beagle Mix
8-16 weeks    Male

1 of 4 beagle mix puppies. Gets along well with other dogs, enjoys playing with siblings and toys.

Chubs the 2nd
6-18 weeks   Female

I’m a little chubby and need a good home!

Male   Male

Hello, my name is Panther, I'm a a super sweet boy ready for some love.

1 Year   Female

Hello, my name is Martie, and I love everyone who will come up and love on me. If your looking for a family cat, I'm a great choice!

Sully - On Hold
9-12 months    Female

I am playful and very affectionate. My long hair is a beautiful silver/grey with hints of taupe.

1-3 yrs    Female

1 Year   Female

1-3 yrs    Male

1-3 years   Female

I am a domestic short haired cat. I like to move the litter around from inside my litter box, so I sometimes make a mess. I just had kittens, so I will not be available until they are weaned.

Cranky - On Hold
1 Year   Male

My name is Cranky, but I promise I'm not! I may be a little timid, but I would warm up to anyone who would love me. I have a longer coat of luscious hair.




Dog Collars--Medium-sized collars are the most used. Hatfield Control Collars (available at Walmart) are a favorite. Otherwise metal clasps are preferred for strength.
Leashes--strong leashes are preferred. No retractable leashes, please.
Toys--Especially strong dog toys like Kong, Orka, Nylabones. And feathered toys for the cats.
Kitty Litter--basic clay, not the more expensive scoopable or clumping
Food--Dog/Puppy & Cat/Kitten dry or canned food.
Dawn Dish Soap - the original kind
Tweezers--with strong points
Paper Towels
Aluminum Cans or other metals for Recycling--the money is used for the shelter animal medical fund.
Gas Gift Cards--Helps to offset costs of transferring unadopted pets to other adoption agencies.
Cash Donations--always useful for medical needs for injured/sick pets, spaying & neutering, supplies, building updates & maintenance.

Donate Steel and Aluminum Cans   

Due to Covid-19, we must institute the following rules concerning can recycling. These rules are designed to keep our staff and volunteers, and the recycling staff all safe.
- Aluminum drink cans must be bagged together , with NO OTHER ALUMINUM IN THE BAG. Rinsed and crushed is always nice, but not necessary.
-Aluminum food cans, aluminum foil and pans must be bagged together. If foil or pans are very dirty, please wash first or dispose of elsewhere.
-Steel cans must be bagged in their own bags. Please wash.
NO bags should contain trash!!!
We cannot recycle your empty Styrofoam cups, your skoal can and spit bottle or your dirty diapers.
We DO NOT recycle glass or plastic, so please do not include it.
This program was instituted by a volunteer to help raise funds for extra medical care of the animals that are brought here; please help keep it going by following the above rules. Help us help the animals!!!

The Staff and Residents of the Jefferson County Animal Shelter


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